[Amps] Alpha 77 meter and bezel needed

Rich Hallman - N7TR rich at n7tr.com
Wed Mar 15 01:20:21 EDT 2017

I purchased several Alpha 77 meters from Rammeter a few years ago when I
built up a pair of alpha 77SX's.   They also have the silk screening for the
original scale and the ETO logo.  They can also do a 2 amp plate meter and
silk screen scale if needed.  Quality product and was a direct replacement.

Rich N7TR

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>"I need a PLATE meter - right side of amp  - one ampere full scale. 
>Made by

Should be a Modutec 3S-DAA-001, available from Rammeter.com.   USD $56.00.
The old ETO meter scale plate is easily removed and transferred to the new
panel meter.

Rammeter can also supply the bezel.  Most vendors don't stock Modutec
silver-trimmed bezels.  They may need to order the bezels direct from
Jewell/Modutec and drop-ship to you.  


Paul, W9AC

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