[Amps] SPE-2K power supply issue

Martin Sole hs0zed at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 05:07:49 EDT 2020

Well definitely a case of RTFM it seems. The 34.9 volts is pretty much to
spec for this amplifier, when it's in the MID position! Changes to about
30v in the LOW position and 48v only in the HIGH position. Switching modes
and measuring at the terminals as well as the built in display confirms
this which would seem to indicate all is well with the supply.

Amp now does an easy 2kw out with about 35 watts drive. It must just have
been the dead geckos and associated gunk that prevented the supply from
starting I guess.

Martin, HS0ZED

On Wed, 15 Jul 2020 at 20:10, Martin Sole <hs0zed at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking at an SPE-2K for a friend. When checked last week the amp
> appeared to function mostly okay but would not amplify. Metering indication
> was no high voltage supply. Having bought the amp to my QTH I have examined
> it in more detail. On opening the high voltage supply, a MeanWell RSP
> 3000-48, 48 volt 62.5 amp, I found 3 dead and decaying geckos, native to
> these parts and quite prolific.Having removed them and any remaining
> detritus I switched on the amplifier and find the supply gives the green OK
> when the amp is selected however the supply voltage measures 34.9 volts
> instead of 48, confirmed with front panel and fluke across the terminals. A
> small heat-sink in the power supply that has four FET's and one TO200 diode
> mounted on it is rapidly heating.
> Any thoughts on a possible cause?
> I have not been successful in sourcing much information on this supply
> other than a general data-sheet, certainly no schematics, though its a
> switch mode power supply so...
> Any more info out there?
> Martin, HS0ZED

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