[Amps] SPE-2K power supply issue

Alek Petkovic vk6apk at bigpond.com
Thu Jul 16 05:37:15 EDT 2020

Now that you've fixed it, I think it best that you post it to the left 
coast downunder for further testing.

73, Alek, VK6APK

On 16/07/2020 5:07 pm, Martin Sole wrote:
> Well definitely a case of RTFM it seems. The 34.9 volts is pretty much to
> spec for this amplifier, when it's in the MID position! Changes to about
> 30v in the LOW position and 48v only in the HIGH position. Switching modes
> and measuring at the terminals as well as the built in display confirms
> this which would seem to indicate all is well with the supply.
> Amp now does an easy 2kw out with about 35 watts drive. It must just have
> been the dead geckos and associated gunk that prevented the supply from
> starting I guess.
> Martin, HS0ZED
> On Wed, 15 Jul 2020 at 20:10, Martin Sole <hs0zed at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking at an SPE-2K for a friend. When checked last week the amp
>> appeared to function mostly okay but would not amplify. Metering indication
>> was no high voltage supply. Having bought the amp to my QTH I have examined
>> it in more detail. On opening the high voltage supply, a MeanWell RSP
>> 3000-48, 48 volt 62.5 amp, I found 3 dead and decaying geckos, native to
>> these parts and quite prolific.Having removed them and any remaining
>> detritus I switched on the amplifier and find the supply gives the green OK
>> when the amp is selected however the supply voltage measures 34.9 volts
>> instead of 48, confirmed with front panel and fluke across the terminals. A
>> small heat-sink in the power supply that has four FET's and one TO200 diode
>> mounted on it is rapidly heating.
>> Any thoughts on a possible cause?
>> I have not been successful in sourcing much information on this supply
>> other than a general data-sheet, certainly no schematics, though its a
>> switch mode power supply so...
>> Any more info out there?
>> Martin, HS0ZED
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