[Amps] RM Italy BLA350

Martin Sole hs0zed at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 06:40:45 EDT 2020


I have been asked to look at the subject amplifier which the owner 
accidentally applied 200 watts to the input of. Specification states 
12-14 watts maximum drive.

All 4 of the 18 ohm resistors in the drain to gate feedback are burned 
up as are 2 resistors on the secondary of the input power sense coupler.

Have unsoldered the drain and gate tabs and lifted them. Resistance 
measurements look sensible
So it looks like a handful of resistors so far

There is a 3dB input attenuator, monolithic device just marked 3dB, not 
sure what sort of resistance measurement I should see across it or to 

What else might need to be looked at?

I have the schematics but there is no circuit description. Does anyone 
here have experience with these RM amplifiers? It looks fairly well 
built if a little lightweight but not bad for a 300 watt amplifier.

Martin, HS0ZED

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