[Amps] NOS Eimac YU209 (8877) for sale

Byron Tatum bjtatum1 at att.net
Sat Nov 14 08:55:45 EST 2020

Hello-    I wish to sell a NOS Eimac YU209 tube in order to use the funds to purchase other Ham equipment. The YU209 is a very desirable variant of the 3CX1500A7/8877, made for the broadcast industry. This tube is Eimac part #YU209:EJ, Serial #YAQ-0103 with a date code of 0708. It was purchased by NOAA 4-20-2007, inspected and held as a spare for the Scientific Radio VHF weather transmitters. I bought this tube in Oct. 2017 in original box. I opened it and allowed the tube to run with filament only for 12 hours then tested it in my 144 Mhz amplifier, of which it tested 100%. I placed the tube back in the box and sealed it up and it has been stored ever since.  Price is 750.00 plus shipping/insurance. Thank you,Byron W5FH cell #936-349-6353.

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