[Amps] Clipperton L - GI-7B

Roger Parsons ve3zi at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 12 20:58:02 EST 2021

Peter, DJ8WW wrote:

'In my opinion -26dB IP3 is terrible with qro, probably acceptable with qrp.'

I fear that I must disagree with you Peter. -26dB IP3 measured compared to either of two tones is equivalent to -32dB measured compared to PEP. The latter is the measure normally quoted for amateur equipment.

I had a glance through a lot of ARRL measurements on both transceivers and amplifiers. Many of the transceivers, including some quite surprising ones, were worse than -32dB IP3. Most of the amplifiers were better, but often by not a lot. And a transceiver/amplifier combination will (nearly always) be worse than either one of them alone.

73 Roger

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