[Amps] Clipperton L - GI-7B

Jim Thomson jim.thom at telus.net
Sat Feb 13 10:51:00 EST 2021

##  meanwhile, the Elecraft K3  is a lousy  -29 db PEP  (IMD3)  at  100 watts pep out.    The  ANAN 7000 / 8000 is a lousy  -30 db  pep ( IMD3 )   with pure  signal  disconnected.    On  most of these  SS  xcvrs , when power output is  reduced, 
the  IMD  drops like a rock.   A  TS-850 is  -30 db  PEP  when run at  max rated  100 watts  pep output.....  which  drops a whole bunch  when run at  just  85 watts pep out..... which then  drops  through the floor  when run at  50 watts  pep out. 
I see the same thing on my  FT-1000D  and also my  FT-1000MP-MKV. 

##  IMO,  I see nothing wrong with  referencing IMD  to pep output.     S meters  are all peak reading devices, whether  a panel meter or peak reading leds.     If  Joe ham is  say  30 db  over S9  on ssb  mode, 
but only  S9, when tuned off freq by  XX khz, then  Joe hams  IMD  is  down 30 db...end of  story.   We  dont say  Joe hams splatter is  24 db  down  from one tone of a 2  tone signal.  

Jim   VE7RF

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