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While they didn't use bathtubs, the HF shop across the parking lot from our
VHF/UHF "and more" shop, they did hose down and let air dry KWM-2
transceivers and accessories at Incirlik AB Turkey.  The gear came from
remote sites around Turkey without maintainers.  The users didn't care
about how dirty the gear got, only that it worked.

There was no electricity involved until after gear was thoroughly dry.
After that, they performed the required periodic maintenance inspections
(PMI's) to ensure it was ready for future deployment.

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Thank you, Kurt.? Brilliant advice/great reminder about dust.? Much

I grew up on rumors about how the Henry Radio repair shop would take a
Collins S-Line in for repair, throw it in the bathtub, and take a hose
to it.? It always amazes me how "we as a society" somehow automatically
assume water is bad near "electricity" without knowing more of the details.

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