[Amps] SB-220

Joe nss at mwt.net
Tue Mar 30 11:29:25 EDT 2021

I pushed the HV up a LOT, now running 3700/3800 volts.

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On 3/30/2021 9:48 AM, Jim wrote:
>> Why do you need more L?
>> On what band or bands?
>> Thanks
>> 73
>> Jim W7RY
>> On 3/24/2021 9:46 AM, Joe wrote:
>>> Need advice,
>>> I am assuming some of you here are also on the Heathkit HF Amps E 
>>> -Mail list.
>>> So I won't go into the long drawn out story here unless asked to do 
>>> so if needed.
>>> I re-built this old SB-220 practically from scratch. And changed a 
>>> lot of stuff to make it better.
>>> But one change it has been determined, has made it in the Need of 
>>> needing more "L" in the output network.
>>> That of course if even possible would be some major surgery to say 
>>> the least. Trying to think of how I can add some more "L".
>>> At 2 AM last night I had a thought. How about like an old Drake 
>>> VFO!? Drakes varied the "L" in their VFO's not the "C" as most 
>>> others did.
>>> And they varied it by inserting a ferrite bar into the coil.
>>> Research says that inserting Ferrite into a coil will increase the 
>>> amount of "L" the coil has.
>>> I wonder if I could cheat and do the same on the L7 coil of this amp?
>>> Get some ferrites like on a plastic threaded rod and insert them 
>>> into the coil.
>>> What Mix of Ferrite would be best for such an application?
>>> And anyone thoughts of possibility of success?
>>> Joe WB9SBD
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