[antennaware] I would like to subscribe

Apostolos Menegakis menegaka@btinternet.com
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 03:07:13 +0200

 Dear Sirs,

 My name is Apostolos Menegakis and I am studying telecommunications
 engineering at Portsmouth University in the U.K. and I am interested
 in obtaining any literature that you / your company may possess
 concerning construction of antennas for EME (earth moon earth)
 communications. This is in order to help me with my university
 project in designing and constructing an parabolic reflector antenna of

 diameter 1m
 which will operate within 9 Ghz as well as the feed.
 I obtained your details / information you give on your internet page
 but I was wondering whether you could help me with any further, more
 precise literature you may have in you possession i.e. F/D ratio,
 apperture illumination, dielectric rod feed design etc.
 I look forward to hearing from you with any other advice / information
 you may have (i.e. internet sites, books that may be useful to me
 etc.) for which I will be highly grateful and very much appreciative.


 Thanks in advance
 Apostolos Menegakis

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