[Antennaware] Buried Vertical Yagi

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Sat Dec 27 18:49:41 EST 2003

Such an antenna is not practical because of its inherent narrow band, and because more than one complete system is required to cover the different headings, not counting the problems with match beeing its impedance one half the standard yagi.
In my opinion a much better idea is a classical phased square array of verticals. Its gain is similar to a 3 element yagi of your type but covers the whole 80m band, and headings, with only 4 elements.

73 & HNY

Mauri, I4JMY

> Hi
> I´m member of PT2CM Boy Scout Ham Radio Team, and we´re improving our station 
> and atennas.
> Last month we discussed about to have a big yagi for 80m, and after hours of 
> discussion, we decided to to build one yagi, vertical polarized, 
> at ground level, and with the half elements buried. It means one fixed yagi, 
> but with 4 of them, almost all beams avaiable, at low cust.
> After hours of searches on the web, and nothing found, I decided to ask where 
> to find this information, and if someone know about some experience like that.
> Many thaks for your help
> Happy Hollydays
> 73 de Alex Perotto
> PT2BAT - PT2CM Team Leader

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