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Tim Makins, EI8IC contesting at eircom.net
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The grease you are thinking of is silicon grease.The telephone companys all
use it here, so have a word with a line-man and he'll probably give you
some. A good cover for a connector is self amalgamating tape. Don't forget
to stretch it slightly as you wind it on.

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I am getting ready to put up my new tower and antennas (been 20 years since
I have had a real antenna).  I have used in the past a "filler" to keep
moisture out of my connectors.  I forget what I used can anyone let me know
what is advisable.  By the way I have used this on some and not used it on
others and never noticed any difference.  I worked for Motorola years ago
and with every installation we got a little packet of "grease" to put in the
connector.  I don't remember who the manufacturer was.



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