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Hi Mike

There are a few ways I like to do it.

Use several layers of a high quality rubber electrical tape as a base
and then cover that with several layers of a high quality plastic/vinyl
electrical tape.

Use an electrical Insulation Putty such as 3M Scotchfill and some wraps
a high quality plastic/vinyl tape.  Properly applied, the Insulation
putty provides an excellent air and water seal.  If you suspect you
might disassemble the connectors you may want to tape - putty - tape, as
the electrical putty directly applied to the connectors will make
disasembly very hard and... sticks to everything.

73 -  Jack KC3M

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I am getting ready to put up my new tower and antennas (been 20 years
since I have had a real antenna).  I have used in the past a "filler" to
keep moisture out of my connectors.  I forget what I used can anyone let
me know what is advisable.  By the way I have used this on some and not
used it on others and never noticed any difference.  I worked for
Motorola years ago and with every installation we got a little packet of
"grease" to put in the connector.  I don't remember who the manufacturer





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