[Antennaware] Hygain Hy-tower

Don Havlicek n8de at thepoint.net
Fri Oct 17 12:16:55 EDT 2003

You could use a remote switching unit like the Ameritron RCS-4, 
connecting the outputs to the tap points on the coil.
Heath manufactured a similar unit, too.
Building one for yourself wouldn't be difficult, though, as it only 
requires a modest number of inexpensive parts.

Gregg E. Salomone wrote:
> I am currently using a Hygain Hy-tower and want suggestions on a switching relay tapping the base loading coil for 80 meters. I want to be able to tap the coil allowing me to remotely select different portions of the 80 meter band. Currently I have to move the alligator clip to the desired setting. Would like to be able to select two, three or four (cw and ssb)settings from the comfort of my shack.
> Any ideas of commercially available items would be helpful. Not in the mood to build something...just don't have time so ordering from a catalog would be ideal.
> 73
> Gregg N9NY
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