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I'd suggest you do this:  Cut several short "pigtails" from coax and put
PL259's on one end of each.  Connect all the grounds of the other ends
together and hook it to the coax shield connection on the HT. Solder the
other end of each of the pigtails to the different "tap" points on the coil.

Buy yourself one of the remote coax switches. Plug the PL259's into the
remote-controlled coax switch.  You can now select tap points by selecting
different "antennas" with the remote control.

And you didn't have to build it!


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I am currently using a Hygain Hy-tower and want suggestions on a =
switching relay tapping the base loading coil for 80 meters. I want to =
be able to tap the coil allowing me to remotely select different =
portions of the 80 meter band. Currently I have to move the alligator =
clip to the desired setting. Would like to be able to select two, three =
or four (cw and ssb)settings from the comfort of my shack.
Any ideas of commercially available items would be helpful. Not in the =
mood to build something...just don't have time so ordering from a =
catalog would be ideal.
Gregg N9NY------------------------------

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