[Antennaware] RE: Hygain Hy-tower

Dennis Ashworth K7FL at ARRL.NET
Sun Oct 19 12:18:23 EDT 2003

Good suggestion Rex, and I had actually considered the same here.

My initial thought was to use the config you described and connect the 
center of each output port to the appropriate place on an 8 Micro Henry 
inductor to achieve resonance on a desired frequency. The top of the 
inductor would tie to the 80M whip (on a modified Hy-Tower) which is self 
resonant at 3.950 ... the bottom end of the coil floats. So I would be 
simply adding sufficient series inductance to move resonance to the desired 
spot within the band.  I computed the voltage across the coil at 1.5KW and 
it approaches 800V. I wasn't sure the Ameritron RCV-8 relays would take 
that potential with acceptable margin. I figured I was better off using a 
couple of RJ1A vacuum relays.

You might do okay if running barefoot, or if the switch is only connected 
to the bottom of the loading coil and you progressively short turns. All 
that being said, if I didn't want to build something (Gregg's original 
requirement), I'd give it a try anyway.

Dennis, K7FL
Battle Ground, WA


At 01:59 PM 10/19/2003 -0400, Rex Lint wrote:
>I'd suggest you do this:  Cut several short "pigtails" from coax and put
>PL259's on one end of each.  Connect all the grounds of the other ends
>together and hook it to the coax shield connection on the HT. Solder the
>other end of each of the pigtails to the different "tap" points on the coil.
>Buy yourself one of the remote coax switches. Plug the PL259's into the
>remote-controlled coax switch.  You can now select tap points by selecting
>different "antennas" with the remote control.
>And you didn't have to build it!
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>Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 15:31:11 -0500
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>I am currently using a Hygain Hy-tower and want suggestions on a =
>switching relay tapping the base loading coil for 80 meters. I want to =
>be able to tap the coil allowing me to remotely select different =
>portions of the 80 meter band. Currently I have to move the alligator =
>clip to the desired setting. Would like to be able to select two, three =
>or four (cw and ssb)settings from the comfort of my shack.
>Any ideas of commercially available items would be helpful. Not in the =
>mood to build something...just don't have time so ordering from a =
>catalog would be ideal.
>Gregg N9NY------------------------------
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