[Antennaware] TH7DX 15m high swr

Rnlamm@cs.com Rnlamm at cs.com
Mon Aug 29 20:47:47 EDT 2005

I first noticed that my TH7DX was not hearing as well as my other 15m 
antennas. The TH7DX does not resonant on 10/15m but works fine on 20m. SWR at the ant 
is >3/1 from 21.0 to 21.9mhz, then decreases to 1.7/1 at 22.3mhz and back to 3/1 
at 22.9 mhz. On 28mhz: SWR is 2/1 from 28.0 to 29.0mhz. The balum was removed 
to collect this data. Does anyone have a systematic approach to determining 
which trap or etc is the source of the problem. Hygain tech support was of 
little assistance. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Russ - NN3Q

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