[Antennaware] Ham III Rotor

Ulrich Weiss dj2ya at t-online.de
Wed Nov 2 03:26:17 EST 2005

hi Ed,

I followed your suggestion with great interest, but I do no fully understand
it... perhaps you are so kind to explain the passage below in some greater

> Cut the cable in half, then stick one end through the 3/8' hole, refer
> to your notes, and wire it directly to
> the interior, getting rid of all that small wire and junk. > Ed

- what "cable" do you mean???? - is it the cable going to the control box???
- what does "wire it directly to the interior mean"???
- what do you do with the wires than you removed from the terminal board???

I'd like to modify (and standardize) my rotor connections here to make them
easily interchangeable...
thanks for your kindness to look into the matter again...
regards from Germany

Uli, DJ2YA

* Ulrich Weiss, Am Birkenstrauch 15, D-57334 Bad Laasphe, Tel.:
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