[Antennaware] Low RF Output on Butternut Vertical Help???

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Tue Oct 18 22:22:44 EDT 2005


I have seen this before, but it's been a long time and can't recall the 

Either your SWR meter is lying to you (calibration or someting broke) or 
there is problem that is taking a different route -- e.g. RF floating around 
that is either affecting SWR/power meter readings or getting into the radio.

Remember that with a Bird wattmeter, the actual power to the antenna is the 
indicated forward power minus the indicated reflected power.

Try to isolate the problem's location -- How do things work into a dummy 
load?  And with the dummy load at the antenna end of the coax? (bad cable or 
connector = other possible culprits).

73, Gary


>I have a Butternut HF6V-X ground mounted with 30 radials and a   Butternut
> Butterfly Beam.
> Both show good SWR but when compared to my G5RV  they show less RF 
> output.
> Going through the same connectors and  equipment the Butternuts show about
> 15
> watts less output on my Bird  meter.
> I am using a Corsair II with no ALC foldback in it.
> If I switch  rigs to OMNI V I get same low output.
> I Also checked it out on an old  Heathkit SB-401 with the same  results.
> Here is what I get on the  Corsair II.
> 75 watts output flat SWR into the vertical with no tuner.
> 90  watts output flat SWR into G5RV going through an MFJ tuner.
> 70 watts output  flat SWR into Butternut Beam with no tuner.
> 90 watts output flat SWR into  G5RV going through MFJ tuner.
> These readings taken at 28.375 and  14.300.
> Now, if I use the tuner on the Butternuts and set at same SWR I get  a
> little
> more output, about 10 watts, at same settings.
> Do any of  you antenna Guru's have any information as to what is causing
> this.
> I  have checked all the contacts points on the Butternuts.
> I have cleaned all  connections.
> I have checked all connectors outside and the coax for  water.
> I am going Butter NUTS at this  point.
> Thanks,
> Dan/N4VET

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