[Antennaware] Low RF Output on Butternut Vertical Help???

kevin milhorn n4km at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 19 01:38:23 EDT 2005

I think Gary hit the nail on the head. The higher power that you are seeing
is actually due to the meter also seeing the reflected power and not just
the forward power. A lot of times with a higher SWR you will see a higher
forward reading, because the meter is actually seeing some of the power
twice, as forward power and then also what is reflected. If the antenna is
a better match, it might actually indicate less forward power. I would bet
that all is fine with your system.
Kevin N4KM

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> Dan,
> I have seen this before, but it's been a long time and can't recall the 
> particulars.
> Either your SWR meter is lying to you (calibration or someting broke) or 
> there is problem that is taking a different route -- e.g. RF floating
> that is either affecting SWR/power meter readings or getting into the
> Remember that with a Bird wattmeter, the actual power to the antenna is
> indicated forward power minus the indicated reflected power.
> Try to isolate the problem's location -- How do things work into a dummy 
> load?  And with the dummy load at the antenna end of the coax? (bad cable
> connector = other possible culprits).
> 73, Gary
> K9AY
> ----------
> >I have a Butternut HF6V-X ground mounted with 30 radials and a  
> > Butterfly Beam.
> > Both show good SWR but when compared to my G5RV  they show less RF 
> > output.
> > Going through the same connectors and  equipment the Butternuts show
> > 15
> > watts less output on my Bird  meter.
> > I am using a Corsair II with no ALC foldback in it.
> > If I switch  rigs to OMNI V I get same low output.
> > I Also checked it out on an old  Heathkit SB-401 with the same  results.
> > Here is what I get on the  Corsair II.
> > 75 watts output flat SWR into the vertical with no tuner.
> > 90  watts output flat SWR into G5RV going through an MFJ tuner.
> > 70 watts output  flat SWR into Butternut Beam with no tuner.
> > 90 watts output flat SWR into  G5RV going through MFJ tuner.
> > These readings taken at 28.375 and  14.300.
> > Now, if I use the tuner on the Butternuts and set at same SWR I get  a
> > little
> > more output, about 10 watts, at same settings.
> > Do any of  you antenna Guru's have any information as to what is causing
> > this.
> > I  have checked all the contacts points on the Butternuts.
> > I have cleaned all  connections.
> > I have checked all connectors outside and the coax for  water.
> > I am going Butter NUTS at this  point.
> > Thanks,
> > Dan/N4VET
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