[Antennaware] Low RF Output on Butternut Vertical Help???

OTAKEBI@aol.com OTAKEBI at aol.com
Wed Oct 19 10:28:38 EDT 2005

Gary, last night I added 5 feet of coax with a barrel connector.
All fine now on 20 meters.
I am getting full output on 20 without tuner and the radio is not  drawing 
the high amps that were causing it to trip the breaker.
However, the TV in the bedroom which on Direct TV developed bad RFI with  the 
added coax.
It was not doing that before and the dish is on the other side of the  
antenna from the house where the Butternut is.
Very strange.
10 meters also went up to 80 watts output without tuner.
Any ideas as to what took place?

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