[Antennaware] Low RF Output on Butternut Vertical Help???

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I'm willing to bet that you have RF floating around on shields and grounds. The added coax changed the system enough to reduce the problem in the shack, but increase the RF in the Satellite system.

Grounding and chokes may help, but sometimes there is simply too much RF coupled into the various wires due to the proximity of the antennas. I knew one ham who had a multiband vertical in his back yard and just couldn't do anything to keep RF out of his neighbors' telephones. When he switched to an inverted-vee off his 40-foot tower, the phone RFI went away, but more distant stations couldn't hear him as well. The cause could have been stronger coupling with vertical polarization, or the actual in-ground currents induced by the vertical and its radials. I think it was the latter.


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  Gary, last night I added 5 feet of coax with a barrel connector.
  All fine now on 20 meters.
  I am getting full output on 20 without tuner and the radio is not drawing the high amps that were causing it to trip the breaker.
  However, the TV in the bedroom which on Direct TV developed bad RFI with the added coax.
  It was not doing that before and the dish is on the other side of the antenna from the house where the Butternut is.
  Very strange.
  10 meters also went up to 80 watts output without tuner.
  Any ideas as to what took place?
  Dan N4VET

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