[Antennaware] Low RF Output on Butternut Vertical Help???

John Wagner jwagner at dxengineering.com
Wed Oct 19 12:28:39 EDT 2005

Maybe try a good Line Isolator/ Feedline Current Choke to get rid of the
common-mode current.

73 John

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> Dan,
> I'm willing to bet that you have RF floating around on 
> shields and grounds. The added coax changed the system enough 
> to reduce the problem in the shack, but increase the RF in 
> the Satellite system.
> Grounding and chokes may help, but sometimes there is simply 
> too much RF coupled into the various wires due to the 
> proximity of the antennas. I knew one ham who had a multiband 
> vertical in his back yard and just couldn't do anything to 
> keep RF out of his neighbors' telephones. When he switched to 
> an inverted-vee off his 40-foot tower, the phone RFI went 
> away, but more distant stations couldn't hear him as well. 
> The cause could have been stronger coupling with vertical 
> polarization, or the actual in-ground currents induced by the 
> vertical and its radials. I think it was the latter.
> Gary
> K9AY
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> Vertical Help???
>   Gary, last night I added 5 feet of coax with a barrel connector.
>   All fine now on 20 meters.
>   I am getting full output on 20 without tuner and the radio 
> is not drawing the high amps that were causing it to trip the breaker.
>   However, the TV in the bedroom which on Direct TV developed 
> bad RFI with the added coax.
>   It was not doing that before and the dish is on the other 
> side of the antenna from the house where the Butternut is.
>   Very strange.
>   10 meters also went up to 80 watts output without tuner.
>   Any ideas as to what took place?
>   Thanks,
>   Dan N4VET
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