[Antennaware] AEA Isoloop LC-1

Daniel Hileman n9wxdan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 14:20:52 EDT 2007


I just acquired an AEA Isoloop...but it looks different than all the one's
I've seen. It is not round like the others, it's rectangular. It says it's
an LC-1 Isoloop 14/30.

I dont know much about it as I can not find too much on the internet...Can
anyone tell me all about this antenna. It seemed like a good deal at $80.00.
I live in an apartment (upstairs Duplex :- ) and plan on using it in the
closet. Can you tell me why it isnt round like the other ones and all about
your experiences. Is the LC-1 the good tuner everyone talks about, and it
has a variable speed on the tune. All help is much appreciated! Please
respond directly to me as I get the digests and I'd rather get the info
fairly quickly. Thanks!

Daniel N9WX

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