[Antennaware] dBi conversion to Antenna Factor

Andy Ikin andy.ikin at btopenworld.com
Mon Nov 19 15:58:07 EST 2007

Hello Folks,

I am a newcomer to the list.

I am still trying to become "aufait" with EZNEC, but I have some difficulty with Rx antennas' in that the gain quoted is in dBi. Whilst this is easy to understand for Tx antennas, it is only of comparative use for Rx antennas. How do I simply convert dBi to Antenna Factor ( dBV/m to dBm ). Otherwise it is going to be very tedious if I have to build some of the modelled antennas and compare them to a calibrated active loop antenna?!

Another question I have; for example with the EZNEC model of the K9AY the gain quoted is -26dBi; is this gain dependent on the matching transformer as this transformer is not in the model? Or am I missing something?  



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