[Antennaware] Vertical Phased Array - radials

Warren Robinson warren at rakon.co.nz
Wed May 7 14:34:04 EDT 2008

I have a 2 element Vertical Phased Array with quarter wave spacing,
48 radials on each . They are mounted on a cliff face overlooking the sea at
an elevation of 30 meters.
The directions are NW and SW. All the radials are in horizontal plane except
9 radials to the SW direction.
These 9 are sloping down in some cases about 30 degrees. The SW direction
then falls away to the sea.
When working DX to the SW, signals are down compared to a single vertical.
In all other
directions there is marked improvement in gain over the single vertical
practically on DX.
Has any one done any modeling on phased arrays with sloping radials as I
feel there is quite a change
in the angle of radiation which may cause this problem.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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