[Antennaware] WTB: GAP VOYAGER (and a ??)

Daniel Hileman n9wxdan at gmail.com
Thu May 8 16:18:34 EDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
I am thinking VERY VERY seriously about a Voyager (so if you have one you
want to part with, let me know, lol) My main interest is
DX/Contesting/Ragchewing 160-20m. I'd love to hear opinions of the antenna
(keep in mind, I may put up something MORE later, but I just want a decent
DX antenna on 80, 40 and 20m, and to cut my teeth on 160m and at a lower
cost for now) Also...wondering if putting more/longer radials down would
help performance on 160m? Anyone tried this? I thought about putting out 60,
120' radials out, BUT will this mess up the performance or tuning of the
antenna??? Just a thought, I've always heard on verticals that generally the
more radials the better (up to about 120 of them) but the literature says
this antenna doesnt really need them (other than the 3, I think, that comes
with it)

The plan for now is the vertical for DX, and some Double bazookas for
300-800 miles out or so, with the thought of adding a loop or so also.

Thanks and 73,
Daniel N9WX

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