[Antennaware] Converting 3 el to 2el

John Geiger aa5jg at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 17:48:16 EDT 2008

Here is a question I should know the answer for, but
just can't some up with it right now.  Must be brain
fried from grading papers and getting final grades

My current HF antenna was damaged in a storm last
week, and repair efforts haven't lead to pre-storm
performance, so I am looking for a replacement.  I
really only have room for a 2 element tribander, if I
go that route.  However, these are kind of rare to
find, and 3 element ones seem much more available. 
What would happen performancewise if I took a 3
element and just cut off the boom and director in
front of the driven element, making it a 2 element
tribander?  Will this work?  Would performance be down
relative to a 2 element tribander?

73s John AA5JG


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