[Antennaware] antenna construction?

Howard W3CQH hsgorden at comcast.net
Thu May 22 11:58:13 EDT 2008

I have the following represents my roof and the tree in my backyard.

The length of the roof is 90ft, it is 15ft from the center line to each
edge, (roughly 30ft),
height of roof is approx 22ft at the peak and 10ft at the gutter edge..

The tree is approximately 35ft high.

                                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx roof edge 
O   x
                                        x ---------------peak of 
oof  --------------------x
xxxxxxxxxx                    x 
O  x
x                x                    xxxxxxxxxxxx roof edge 
x      O       x
x                x

My question is: do you think it would be better to run a configuration as
say a Windom from the tree to the points on the roof (the points can be
moved) or just a simple inverted "V" and the angle of the "V" in any case is
going to be very narrow.  I would be feeding either one via some Rg8x
approximately 65ft.

I would like to be able to use the ant from 160m - 6m if possible, I will be
feeding it via a tuner, and the wire is going to be #26 enameled as it can't
be seen.

Comments please.

73's Howard W3CQH

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