[Antennaware] Roof mounted screwdriver

Jim Miossi jcmios at n-connect.net
Fri May 23 09:05:06 EDT 2008

I bought a screwdriver antenna to be used as a vertical antenna on my roof.
I am planning on the following as a counterpoise:


40m/15m         32'2 1/2"


30m                 23'1 3/8"


20m                 16'4 1/2"


17m                 12'10 3/4"                   


12m                 9'/4 7/8"


10m                 8'2 1/2


I will have 4 of each of these 14ga wires per band, they will be attached to
an 18" diameter copper tube with screws for counterpoise / radials
attachment.  They will lay flat on my roof with the far ends secured with a
small amount of cold tar, this does work well once dried.  My other question
is how and where to attach the copper ring?  I could attach it to a screw
that is attached to the S0239 directly or attach it to the lower mounting
bracket for the antenna.  Is it Ok to attach the counterpoise ring of 24
wires to the antenna base with a single wire?





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