[Antennaware] Guying a 40' Fiberglass Mast...Alone

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Mon Oct 6 09:34:04 EDT 2008


I made some DXpedition verticals several years ago, and found two things 
most useful:

1. Pre-set the guy ropes as close as possible to final length. You can 
calculate using geometry or graph paper, or you can just lay the mast on the 
ground and do it full size (allow for the ground slope, of course). Then you 
can attach 3 of the four guy points and pull up the mast in the direction of 
the 4th.

2. Rope adjusters -- at the bottom of each guy rope, use adjusting blocks. 
These are commonly used for tents or other camping lash-ups. Naturally, you 
find them in the camping section of a sporting goods store or at a hardware 
store with a good sporting good section.

73, Gary

> Alan,
> The job you have at hand is an easy one.
> Let your xyl hold the mast while you go around
> adjusting the bottom guy lines to get the mast
> a bit perpendicular and stable.  Do the middle
> guys next, then the top guys.  It takes a lot of
> walking for one person to adjust the guys while
> a second one eyeballs the perpendicular but
> that's about how it goes..
> I would hope you have attached a pulley and
> pull rope to the top of the mast so that you can
> now pull up the support point of your G5RV.
> 73, Joe, aa4nn
>> Hello All,
>> This mast is going to support the feedpoint of my 204' G5RV.
>> The 2" bottom mast will slide into an 8', 2 3/8" galvanized fence post,
>> which is set into 4' of concrete. The spot is on a 25% grade; this caused
>> me some concern regarding the length of my guy ropes, but I believe that
>> I've got enough 3/16" Dacron to complete the job.
>> I am going to tie the Dacron ropes [to galvanized thimbles and then] to
>> spikes at four [compass] points on the ground,  outside the 33' diameter
>> circle from the center post. Guy points on the mast will be at 16', 23'
>> and 30'.
>> I plan on leaving 20"+/- of each spike above ground.
>> What is the best way for one person to get the mast as perpendicular to
>> the ground as possible, while running from "point to point" to last down
>> the mast while it's teetering?! My wife and I attempted to lash down this
>> unruly 40 footer in a very light wind on Sunday, with little success!
>> I'll be handling 12 long guy ropes, so any assistance from anyone who's
>> done this alone [or with one's XYL/OM!] would be most welcomed!
>> Anything I'm forgetting?
>> Many thanks for taking the time to respond!
>> Alan...KI6HPO

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