[Antennaware] Guying a 40' Fiberglass Mast...Alone

stoskopf at tri.net stoskopf at tri.net
Tue Oct 7 20:40:08 EDT 2008

I've done this many times.  As mentioned, measure the guys ahead of time. 
I prefer 4 sets.  Lay the mast parallel with the wind and pointing to the
wind.  Anchor the two center guys which are at right angles to the wind
where the belong when everything is set.  Tie the base to a solid tie
where it is to be.  Then walk it up with the wind helping and if you have
left the upwind guy a bit long, over center the mast.  Grab the downwind
guy and tie it to its anchor.  Then you can tidy up the rest easily.  I've
done this with the 60 ft ones and if your math is correct goes easily. 
The only mishap I've had is the time I firmly attached the base for
support.  Don't, something will kink.  Let the guys do the work and let
the whole thing float.


I must say that putting up a 40M bobtail curtain with reflector on a 35
degree hillside was a bit more work!

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