[Antennaware] manual for a KLM 80M3 or KLM 80M2.

N3DOK n3dok at verizon.net
Fri Sep 26 12:58:40 EDT 2008

Attention Larry N7DD,

I found this info about KLM.

KLM antennas out of business: KLM Antennas of Monroe, Washington, reportedly closed its doors as of October 31,1991. Industry sources say that Bruce Scott will continue to sell parts--at least for the time being--by e-mail orders only to klm_antennas at msn.com. No other information is available at this time. 

Vintage Manuals, Inc. has this listed.

     80M-2  80M Beam   $16 

I searched many of the manual sites that I have. The above is the only 1 I found. I'm sure a ad in QST or CQ might help you out. Good Lick.


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