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Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at bellsouth.net
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The often quoted rule: Movement of charge creates electromagnetic radiation.

If you move an electron from here to there it leaves three dimensional 
"ripples", not entirely unlike the two dimensional effect of pulling the 
point of a stick through the surface of a quiet pool.

There is such a thing as particle radiation with large amounts energy vested 
in the velocity and mass of the particle. The most basic concept of 
electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation are practically very 
different things, though quantum physics ties them together mathematically.

The issues and principles discussed around particle radiation are not 
practical for ham antenna design, rather the rule from the first sentence is 
the essential basis for transformers and antennas from power frequencies to 
way past microwave.

73, Guy

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> Hello :)
> This question is nagging me for a while now but I did not find yet an 
> acceptable answer:
> Q: Where are the radiated electrons come from?
> Is a PhD in Physics in the house?
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