[Antennaware] Antenna Ware == Anything about Antennas :)

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 19 23:37:16 EST 2009

> English is my second language but I still understand that the contraction 
> of these words mean "ANYTHING ABOUT ANTENNAS".
> Who else has a different opinion is free to retake the English 101 course.

Easy now.  I haven't commented on your English.  And I won't, since I don't 
really have a second language. You are ahead of me there.

> Haven said this, how can any one produce a reliable model of something 
> that he/she does not understand in detail? All models constructed without 
> this understanding are deemed to fail.

People create models of things they don't understand all the time.  That's 
what models are for.  Back a ways in times when the earth had to be the 
center of everything, orbits of the sun and planets were described by the 
"experts" of the day using systems of wheels whose axles were on other 
wheels.  Turned out not to be true, they clearly did not understand reality. 
What gets lost in that dismissal of method is how well the system of circles 
(a model) predicted where everything would be seen in the night sky, for the 
accuracy of measurements obtainable in that time.

> BTW. I see that most of you still use the NEC antique. Have you considered 
> to move to something more accurate and useful such, ADS and Microwave 
> Office?

The worth of a model derives from how well it predicts what will happen when 
something is actually constructed, not how long it has been around.   I 
repectfully decline to air my thoughts on Microwave Office...

> The object of my inquiry about the radiation process of an RF transducer 
> is to understand it better as I am now building a special antenna that can 
> produce SPoTs of RF and not only beams. But this subject might be 
> somwehere outside of your area of expertize :)

It's a dangerous thing to speculate on another's expertise or lack of it 
when one does not really know the person behind the "pen".   You might be 
right, or you might be ghastly wrong.  As to what you're building, I'm 
always ready to hear about something new.  Go for it.

73, Guy.

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