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Norman Alexander npalex at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 20 08:29:13 EST 2009

I would like to know from some of those who are active in modeling antennas what software is being used.  If more then one source, what correlation issues have been observed.  I don't think that the high end programs using NEC-4 engine are applicable to this query.

I have been a user of the early DOS based Antenna Optimizer (AO) which was a good learning tool, simple to load information and easy to iterate parameters.  At my introduction to this program, it was no longer being supported by the author.

My early modeling activity included a DOS version of EZNEC which soon was upgraded to versions 3, then V 4 (most often used).  EZNEC 4 was primarily used in the design of both mono-band and multi-band multi-element quads.   The number of segments that could be processed was a limitation in the earlier software packages. 

LB Cebik was a frequent source of modeling information on modeling technique.   I have also taken the ARRL Modeling course (heavilly influenced by LB) and began using NECWIN-Plus, which is now my program of choice.  The primary reason is that the data is entered into a spreadsheet format.  

The spreadsheet has most of the features of any spreadsheet, with the attendant use of equations, formulas, etc. to modify variables.  It was easy to express antenna element parameters as variables that are easily iterated, and propagated through the entire design. Important in quads were data is essentially replicated 4 times for each element side. 

 It is possible to create element formulas that changing one value on the spreadsheet could result in changing the antenna from vertical to horizontal polarity (rotate 90deg about the boom axis).

The above sort of summarizes my background in the use of modeling software - my question to the group is -
what software are you using?  
What type of antennas designs are you most experienced in? 

I am most interested in those of you who are using NECWIN-Plus, and the types of antenna experience.  The purpose is of course to share the experiences.  Hopefully this discussion will be considered On Topic.


Norm W4QN

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