[Antennaware] plot comparisons

David Gould dave at g3ueg.co.uk
Fri Nov 13 01:33:16 PST 2009

Thanks to all who have replied.

I must apologise for the mess I made of asking the question, looking 
back I did not make myself at all clear, and congratulation to Terry 
for seeing through the confusion and picking up correctly on what I 
was trying to ask.

His last paragraph, below, sums up perfectly what I am trying to 
achieve. It is an electronic version of printing off the two 
individual plots onto clear actetate and then overlaying them 
physically, in which case the gains of the outer rings will be different.

Dave, G3UEG

At 00:36 13/11/2009, Terry Conboy wrote:
>When I overlay the elevation plot for a 4 square array on top of the
>plot of single vertical, the plot for the single vertical is ~5 dB down
>from the 4 sq.  I tried setting the reference gain for the outer ring of
>the plot to a fixed higher value (in Desc Options) before saving the
>plot to shrink it, but the program still displays the higher gain
>antenna plot larger than the lower gain antenna by the ratio of the
>gains when overlaid.  I see Dave's dilemma.
>Perhaps Gary has an option set that I have missed to allow the maxima of
>the plots to be coincident, even though the absolute gains differ.
>73, Terry N6RY

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