[Antennaware] plot comparisons

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Fri Nov 13 07:27:04 PST 2009

Dave and all,

To quote from W7EL's Help File:

"Note that .pf format files saved as 'trace files' are not graphics files. 
They are binary files which contain only numerical field strength data, and 
no information about how to plot or display it."

Thus, gain is part of the saved data in EZNEC and overlaid plots within 
EZNEC will always be displayed with that gain difference.

To do what you want, you'll need to do the multi-plot overlay outside of 
EZNEC, in a graphics program. With the default 'Automatic' setting in Desc 
Options, all exported plots will have max. gain at the outer ring. If you 
want to maintain the gain difference, it's necessary to set the outer ring 
to a fixed value for all plots to be exported.


> Thanks to all who have replied.
> I must apologise for the mess I made of asking the question, looking
> back I did not make myself at all clear, and congratulation to Terry
> for seeing through the confusion and picking up correctly on what I
> was trying to ask.
> His last paragraph, below, sums up perfectly what I am trying to
> achieve. It is an electronic version of printing off the two
> individual plots onto clear actetate and then overlaying them
> physically, in which case the gains of the outer rings will be different.
> 73,
> Dave, G3UEG
> At 00:36 13/11/2009, Terry Conboy wrote:
>>When I overlay the elevation plot for a 4 square array on top of the
>>plot of single vertical, the plot for the single vertical is ~5 dB down
>>from the 4 sq.  I tried setting the reference gain for the outer ring of
>>the plot to a fixed higher value (in Desc Options) before saving the
>>plot to shrink it, but the program still displays the higher gain
>>antenna plot larger than the lower gain antenna by the ratio of the
>>gains when overlaid.  I see Dave's dilemma.
>>Perhaps Gary has an option set that I have missed to allow the maxima of
>>the plots to be coincident, even though the absolute gains differ.
>>73, Terry N6RY

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