[Antennaware] Cushcraft A26-9 6M/2M Yagi Modeling/Dimensions

Michael Haack, WB9B mikehaack at aol.com
Wed Apr 4 11:19:30 PDT 2012

I know somebodies got the answer to this one...

Here's the problem.
I picked a almost "like new" Cushcraft A26-9 6M/2M Yagi the other day.
The antenna was literally only used once or twice for field day.

Cleaned it up, it had been sitting for some time... ( it was made maybe 
early 80's)
And when it comes time to re-assemble it, lo and behold the manual has 
no spacing dimensions.
Just the "put it at the mark on the boom". Marks that are long gone.

So question is: What is the spacing/placement for the 6M elements?
Hopefully somebody has one and measured it at one time, or can model 
this one.
The current Cushcraft A2670-13S would seem to be close in layout.

Antenna: Cushcraft A26-9   6M/2M Yagi
Boom length: 12' total 1-1/4".
With the 2M beam forward on the boom effective boom length for the 6M 
looks to be about 7 feet.
Elements are .750" non-tapered.
Gamma matched.

MFJ, has no record or knowledge of the antenna. The advice from them was 
to either simply try even spacings. Or Model the antenna.

Thoughts? Answers? Anybody?

73 and Thanks,
Mike WB9B
mikehaack at aol.com

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