[Antennaware] Cushcraft A26-9 6M/2M Yagi Modeling/Dimensions

John Marshall wa7bsr at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 14:51:02 PDT 2012

Included in the ARRL Antenna Book is a program called YW, Yagi Windows. The
original program was YO by K6STI. Which parameters are most important to
you, gain, f/b ratio, or bandwidth? I realize that your antenna is dual
band but YW should mostly work anyway.

Go to QST or CQ archives and see if there is a review of the antenna.
Perhaps measurements will be included in the article.

Take care,
Arizona Section PIO

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 11:19 AM, Michael Haack, WB9B <mikehaack at aol.com>wrote:

> I know somebodies got the answer to this one...
> Here's the problem.
> I picked a almost "like new" Cushcraft A26-9 6M/2M Yagi the other day.
> The antenna was literally only used once or twice for field day.
> Cleaned it up, it had been sitting for some time... ( it was made maybe
> early 80's)
> And when it comes time to re-assemble it, lo and behold the manual has
> no spacing dimensions.
> Just the "put it at the mark on the boom". Marks that are long gone.
> So question is: What is the spacing/placement for the 6M elements?
> Hopefully somebody has one and measured it at one time, or can model
> this one.
> The current Cushcraft A2670-13S would seem to be close in layout.
> Antenna: Cushcraft A26-9   6M/2M Yagi
> Boom length: 12' total 1-1/4".
> With the 2M beam forward on the boom effective boom length for the 6M
> looks to be about 7 feet.
> Elements are .750" non-tapered.
> Gamma matched.
> MFJ, has no record or knowledge of the antenna. The advice from them was
> to either simply try even spacings. Or Model the antenna.
> Thoughts? Answers? Anybody?
> 73 and Thanks,
> Mike WB9B
> mikehaack at aol.com
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