[Antennaware] Using YO to analyze stacked Yagis

George Dubovsky n4ua.va at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 14:21:13 PST 2012

I am trying to optimize a pair of HyGain 204BA for use in a stack. I am
using YO v7.61 and, mostly, I think I know what I'm doing at a basic level

I intend to mount one at 70' and one at 110' (that seems to work in HFTA
for this location), but that's not my problem. I can optimize an antenna at
either height, and I can design a new Beta match. But when you select the
stacking feature of YO (using 40'), the element spacing seems to want to be
different and the matching of course changes. What that seems to be telling
me is that when I select upper, lower or both using a stack-match only one
condition is going to be correct, and the others will be a compromise.

It can't be this tough - I feel that I am mis-interpreting the YO
instructions or something. For instance, It may be that the stacking
feature of YO is only intended to tell me what the combined pattern will
be, but I don't get that from the manual. (My manual is marked Version 7.5).

What is the proper sequence of steps for optimizing a stack?


geo - n4ua

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