[Antennaware] Version 6 EZNEC

Guy Olinger K2AV k2av.guy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 10:03:44 EDT 2015

Just got v6 Pro/4 installed, which has NEC 4.2 invoked with an extended
accuracy ground (GN3).

Had some problems which W7EL fixed in 6.03, rather quickly actually.

I've run some above ground models and compared v5 high accuracy with v6
extended (160m L over FCP) and seen differences of only a hundredth of a dB
or two in double precision engines.

That's just quantification noise methinks.

Careful compares on some seriously ground involved problem models to come.
Have to get caught up on current correspondence first.

Looking forward to trying out AutoEZ but first need to figure out how to
pay for it with a credit card.

How's anyone else getting along with V6 EZNEC?

73, Guy K2AV

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