[Antennaware] HF Colinear Dipoles

Karin Johnson karinann at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Aug 25 16:52:26 EDT 2019

Hello Group:

I would like to have a discussion off list about designing a 20 Meter
Colinear dipole array.

Right now I am trying some simulations in EZNEC and am referencing the Low
Band DXing

Book by ON4UN with regard to the Phasing of the two or multiple antennas.

I'm having a bit of difficulty in replicating some the work ON4UN and the
volume authors

Did on the understanding of the Array Chapter number 11.


Anyone who has tried building collinear antennas at HF??  I know that Tom
W8JI has

Done this on a massive scale and that is not what I am trying to accomplish

Just two simple collinear dipoles fed either in phase or out of phase.

The EZNEC simulations seem to blow up when the phasing and matching networks

Applied to the two antennas.  



Karin Anne Johnson  K3UU

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