[CCF] Solar forecast update

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff@pt3.tempo.mol.fi
26 Oct 2000 09:44:00 +0300

The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to unsettled on October 26, quiet
to active on October 27 and unsettled to major storm on October 28. A coronal
stream could cause unsettled to active conditions on October 29. Long distance
medium wave (AM) band propagation along east-west paths over high and upper
middle latitudes is fair to poor.

Ei hyvältä näytä, pelätään pahinta, toivotaan parasta.
Ennusteen pohjana lienee:"A full halo CME was observed in LASCO images, the CME
will impact Earth, most likely on October 28. An above 10 MeV proton event was
another result of the eruption, so far this proton event has peaked at 15 pfu"


73 de OH1NOA

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