[CCF] Keep 'em Coming...SAC scores collected

Tomi Ylinen OH6EI tomi.ylinen@pp.inet.fi
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:48:50 +0300

I can collect SAC-scores to be put to CCF.CONTESTING.COM - web page.

Send your info to OH6EI@SRAL.FI
All scores appearing on CCF-reflector or 3830 will be taken in automaticly.

All band scores will be listed as breakdown, so please submit results by
Lists will be updated every few days so do not worry, if your score does
not pop up on the list at once.


Tomi OH6EI 
(@OH5NQ in SAC CW and SSB in SOAB HP)

PS Timo välitätkö tämän viestin TOEC -reflektorille

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