[CCF] Fair play -rules

Seppo Sisättö tisesi@uta.fi
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 06:37:07 +0200

Vapaasti jatkolevitykseen ympäri maailman.

Seppo OH1VR

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Most of the active radioamateurs are interested in DXing and/or Contesting. On the
top level there are, in both DXing and Contesting, phenomena which do not use 
fair play rules. E.g. using illegal power, using cellular phones for calling 
multipliers, using certificates, t-shirts, wine bottles, special reports to them who
will work 'me' on six bands etc., two simultaneous signals in single op. class, clusters, 
friends help... etc. There are plenty of examples.
Proving of the usage of unproper means is always difficult but it is worth of trying. 
I do wonder why the discussion concerning moral matters in Contesting and DXing 
is almost nonexistent.

In DXing there are groups who are fighting with others: who is first here and there.
Fair comptetition is OK but how about stealing 'competitors' DX-pedition? That 
happened to XY1HT and it is also widely known that something like that happened
in North-Korea etc. Somebody has done the basic work and some others are stealing it.
Sometimes, like in Myanmar, using ARRL staff as a partner (as we know ARRL
is governing the acceptance of DX-peditions).. It is a dirty game and a dark side
of DXing. Regular amateur radio operator is not interested in what has happened
behind the scene - he just wants to have a new call in his logbook. 

It is short term thinking of national leagues to allow this to happen. The future of
ham radio is depending of our good relations with the national/international
(like ITU) authorities. We are pursuading authorities to give us 
licenses, special callsigns, more bands, more power etc. As many
competiting groups are approaching them with different competing arguments,
things have come complicated. Especially as arguments are against the ones
of the competing group. And this happens a lot. 

At least 95 % of DX-peditions do not use faul methods but the 'hottest' are
not always organized by fair play rules. The question is: what is our attitude
towards this dark side?

Best regards,

Seppo Sisatto, PhD
Ojakatu 3 A 18
33100 Tampere

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