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Subject: [ The Daily DX ] A61AJ - now has a new QSL route.

Due to a lack of time with my family and business I must step down as
QSL manager for Ali, A61AJ.  Joe Veras, N4QB, will now be handling the
QSLing chores.  He will have all logs for all QSOs made by A61AJ.
Effective today all QSL requests need to go to N4QB.  If you have
already sent your request to W3UR they will be answered by me.  Direct
QSLs will go out this month.  Bureau cards will go out by the end of 
year.  Any requests sent to W3UR after today will be forwarded to 
The A61AJ Contest team will be very QRV over the next 3 months.  
help spread the word to your friends, clubs, news letters and 
of this change.

N4QB - Joe Veras, P.O. Box 1041, Birmingham, AL 35201, USA

73 Bernie, W3UR

Bernie McClenny, W3UR
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