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> Hello,
> The SAC2000 FINAL Results are ready at last!
> I'm sorry it has taken so long, but there has been many questions to be
answerred by the SAC Contest Committee and a lot of troubles to be solved.
It will take at least another week or more before I can present the results
in HTML format on the web. I had hoped that the results could have been
presented much earlier, but the development of a new log checking program
from scratch has also taken long time and there has been lots of versions
before the last one used. Anyway, we can hope that we in SM have showed the
way and that the logs will be ready much faster in the future, now that all
the software is developed.
> Also a program to type a paper log to get a Cabrillo file and a program to
convert all different kinds of ASCII logs into Cabrillo have been developed.
All three programs have been done by Torvald, SM2EZT and I have been the
"Alpha" and "Beta" tester. I have started to check the logs several times
and then, when I've discovered a bug or had a wish for some changes, I had
to start all over again, when SM2EZT had done a new version of the program.
> The program to make a Cabrillo file from a paper log (Manual Log Input -
423 kB) is available for download in the SAC Rules on my contest site (with
detailed instructions).
> The 6 stations with problems with the sent serial numbers have been given
the opportunity to correct their logs. They all got detailed information
what was wrong. Four of them took that chance, but two logs are still
missing, despite they got three weeks to correct their logs. I used those
logs as Checklogs, so the stations that worked them didn't loose their
points and multipliers.
> If you want to look at your own checked log, with a UBN report för every
QSO, please send an e-mail to: sm3cer@contesting.com and ask for your
checked log and I will send it to you. If you want you can even see your log
in the Cabrillo format.
> I also want to thank my Sub Contest Committe that was of big help in an
early stage, with typing all the paper logs into the Manual Log Input
program - around 400 logs!
> So - a big hand to the following members of SK3BG in Sundsvall:
> SM3AF, Sten - SM3BCS, Eskil - SM3CWE, Owe - SM3EVR, Tord - SM3FJF,
Jörgen - SM3GSK, Clas-Olof - SM3LIV, Ulla - SM3UQO, Björn - SM3WSK, Bengt.
> ...and even a bigger hand to SM2EZT, Torvald - the man behind the
> 73 de Jan
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