[CCF] SAC SSB 2001: OG1F multi-single

Timo Timo" <timo.klimoff@kolumbus.fi
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 20:02:01 +0300


Contest category: Multi-single

   QSOs Points Multipliers
80m:  158 338 44
40m: 383 926 58
20m: 654 1625 75
15m: 743 1984 81
10m: 306 841 72
Total: 2244 5714 330
Score:  1.885.620

Station Description: FT1000MP, TS850SAT + AL-82, Alpha 91b

80m GP, inv V 
40m 3/2el yagis, dipole 
20m 4/4el yagis, 4el yagi 
15m 4/4el yagis, 4el yagi 
10m 6el yagi

Operators: OH1MDR, OH1NOA

It was fun!
Propagation was quite good but nighttime propagation on 20m never happened .We worked 100 US/VE stations on 40 meters. The activity on 80m was low (W6RJ was heard with 59 signal in the morning). 15m really opened during the last 1 hours, big JA pileups and very strong US signals - N3RD was 59+30dB at 1000z.

The biggest problem was that next to our club house is Formula Karting track and their biggest annual contest is always on same weekend than SAC SSB. This means the additional QRN level S2-S4 on high bands - my apologize to those guys we couldn't copy. Nighttime is not any better: those camping Formula K drivers have a lot of TV/Video sets + other electric gizmos. Anyhow, we seem to have the highest qso total (SO/MS) this year - very interesting, because there is many bigger stations in Finland and Sweden - so our QTH is playing well.

Congratulations to SK3W. They finished 8470 points above us - that's less than 2 multipliers! It was interesting to compare qso numbers during the contest!
Fernebo "pallerallernas" hard work with (Finnish) antennas and PAs has been succesful! 
(Fortunately we did not log any incorrect callsigns or received any wrong serial numbers)

This was our first contest with WRITELOG. We ordered software on Wednesday and had not printed manual to take to the clubhouse. No problem, everything worked FB! There is no way back and I think that we will use WL in the all future contests.

Thanks again to everyone who called us and


73, Timo OH1NOA

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