[CCF] WRTC2002 Press Release #18 - Team U.A. E.

Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen@kolumbus.fi
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:34:39 +0300


As part of its original plan for the WRTC 2002 event, the WRTC2002 organizing committee reserved the right to select one team with special characteristics, while maintaining the high quality operator criteria established as a hallmark for the WRTC 2002 games.

With this objective in mind, at its meeting on April 8, 2002, the committee decided to invite a team from the United Arab Emirates (A61AJ) to be the representative of the contesting community in the Middle East.

The teams operating from A61AJ have achieved superb results over the past few years and this action seeks to recognize this fact. The inclusion of this special team is thus viewed as a positive addition to the games.

Team UAE will be led by Ali Al-Futtaim, A61AJ, who has been the driving force behind the development of what is one of the premier contest superstations in the Middle East and Asia.  In the spirit of the games, a team has been selected that is representative of the current A61AJ operating roster.  While his team members are U.S. nationals, they also represent the A61AJ team as it now stands in the contesting landscape.

Accordingly, we are delighted to welcome Ali Al-Futtaim, A61AJ, and his operating team of Jeff Briggs, K1ZM, and Phil Goetz, N6ZZ, to the games as the WRTC 2002 special team selection.

WRTC2002 Organizing Committee